mrs-and-pastor-victor-2It is imperative that each and all members of the organization should seek to serve God with the skills, talents and gifts that He has endowed them with. I encouraged you to go through the different areas of services available in the church and team up with that group. “So you shall serve the Lord your God, & He will bless your bread & your water.” Exodus 23: 25
If you cannot find any department where your skill can be utilized, start one!!! The Family Group Division comprises of all natural groups in the church. Depending on your age group, gender or marital status, you naturally fit into and belong to one of these groups:

Winners Army (Men’s fellowship)

The men’s group known and called the Winners Army are the group of married and marriageable men in the church. They meet together to pray, share ideas and encourage one another.

Victorious women (Women’s fellowship)

Our women meet on Fridays with a mission to uphold the families tight in the hands of the Lord. They provide support and help each other as needed. They come together to contribute, influence and be a good example to the younger ones and the community.

Chosen Generation (children’s fellowship)

The Children’s fellowship is the very point at which the word of the Lord begin to be the lamp to their respective steps. Knowing the word and practicing it from the younger age helps in the development of the future army in the Lord. They bound together through various meaningful activities and outreaches. They are given to influencing the world for God.

Community Outreach

The local assembly plays a major role in the community throughout the year by being represented in the City annual events. This group is responsible for advising and planning community outreaches for the church.