pastor-oguntuyiWe encourage involvement in the church activities as a way of contributing to individual and corporate growth and development. Productive interaction with others is key in achieving this.
In view of the above, we urge you to become a member of one or more of our ministries. God is looking for vessels to use.
To join one or more of our group or ministries, please contact the Parish Pastor for proper guidance.
The following groups are presently in existence for you to choose from and you are also welcome to initiate any area that will benefit the vision of the church. The leadership of the church will be glad to meet with you for consideration and appropriate implementation of such vision.

Sunday School
The Choir

Also, if you have any godly idea that could be of great avenue for the growth of the church and you wish to form and grow it, please contact the Pastor with your view for a prayerful consideration for implementation using any relevant department above.